When an empath can help heal others with their empathy, they fly. Naturally exuding compassion and humanity, an empath can exponentially change the world for the better. But, when an empath experiences intense empathy for others and cannot help, they sometimes feel grief and anxiety for hours.

Every cell in your body is affected by the emotional vibrational frequency that you manifest. … Emotions resonate with the vibrational frequency that they generate. The higher the vibrational frequency, then the higher the expansion, and the greater the Life Force in your cells.

Finding yourself is important, but ironically it doesn’t really become complete until you lose yourself. Jesus doesn’t stop at, “I want you to lose yourself.” He says, “Lose yourself to find yourself,” which means, “I want you to die to your old approach to identity, and get a new sense of individual self.”

What Does It Mean To Ground Yourself?

Grounding yourself, is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them. Connect with Nature….Walking barefoot outside, feel the grass under your feet, the coolness of it, the texture of it, sand is great to walk on dig your toes, heels, bury your feet in the sand, gardening, long natureContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Ground Yourself?”