Prayer for the Sick

Father God, We lift up all those who are facing illness today. We ask that you would bring healing , comfort and peace to their bodies. Calm their fears and let them experience the healing power of your love. In Jesus Name Amen!

Oh Lord, comfort the sick, those that are dying and the elderly. Cover them with your wings and strengthen their hearts that they may continue worshiping you. Help them to find comfort in your word because, in it, there is healing and wholeness.

A Child Of God….

I AM A CHILD OF GOD– John 1:12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave them the right to become children of God.

To all who received him, to those who believe in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him.” … You are a child of God if you have believed… a belief that causes you to surrender your life to Jesus as your Lord.

Honoring Our Ancestors

Honoring our Ancestors is the first step in reclaiming out true spiritual heritage, which is knowing the truth of who we are and our higher purpose in life. … Our Ancestors continue to sustain us with their spirit, energy and memory patterns long after they have passed. Our Ancestors, As their culture was carried down from generation to generation, it directly influenced the ways in which we were raised and developed. … Our ancestry impacted so many things, from where we were born and raised, to how we were raised, habits and personalities we have now, and so on.

Remember to bless and honor the elders ! They are all we have left to our Ancestors. The world is constantly evolving, however, we must remember our roots, and then desire to dig deeper to the roots we know has been provided through history, and has been altered. Use your imagination to connect. We will be considered Ancestors one day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Be thankful for the struggles you go through, they make you stronger, wiser and humble. Being thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having more. The more you practice the art of thankfulness the more you have to be thankful for.

Heavenly Father, on This Thanksgiving Day, we bow our heads to You and pray We give You thanks for all You’ve done, especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.

Unconditional love is the active choice to love someone no matter what may come your way. … Unconditional love means that you love someone regardless of circumstance, but not regardless of how they treat you.

Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotions and feelings change, sometimes daily, but true unconditional Love is everlasting. Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find on them. To love for the sake of being loved is human , but to love for the sake of loving is angelic. One of the greatest things in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and differences and still thinks your absolutely amazing.

Indigo People

Indigos are people that understand the fact that we are rather behind in our spiritual life and essence. They came here to revolutionize the world, with their own way. Their sense of individuality are usually very strong. These people are not afraid of anything, as long as they know they are on their path.

Indigo’s are often driven to change the world for the better. And they have the high self-esteem to do so. They may feel drawn to work as activists. Or in roles with a capacity to make a social or environmental change for a better life for everyone.

Indigos are special people that came to earth to help others. They often have an intense, warrior like presence that may intimidate others. They came to earth to speak their truth and cannot tolerate injustice or lies of any kind. They are sensitive and sometimes feel like they absorb the world’s problems.

Earth Angels

Earth angels are highly evolved spiritual beings, usually having many of the following qualities: sensitive; gentle; light-hearted; full of unconditional love for others. They are the real Angels incarnated on Earth in a physical body to teach humanity the lessons of love and kindness.
Earth angels are highly sensitive, empathic, and love to give to others. Earth Angels were sent here to planet Earth and born in human body to carry out the very important missions:

To touch everyone’s heart and open it to live, Being an example, an inspiration showing others love.

Helping to raise the vibration of humanity and Earth.

Help protect the planet, nature and environment from self destruction.

And to be be at spiritual service to make the world a better place.

Many times God sends angels to protect, guard, and fight for us. God tells us in Psalm 91 that He would give angels charge concerning us to guard us in all our ways. God says, send my angels to minister to those who hurt or need strength.


Grief is the response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed.

The pain of loss can feel overwhelming. grief and can lead to a variety of physical and emotional issues, such as depression, trouble sleeping, feelings of anger and bitterness, anxiety, loss of appetite, and general aches and pains. There is no set time frame for grieving. You may start to feel better in 6 to 8 weeks, but the whole process can last anywhere from 6 months to 4 years.

Grief is different for every person. Some don’t know how to react, show emotions or they just get lost in thoughts. Losing Someone You Love Hurts, seek help or reach out to a family member or a friend if you feel that you are alone.Acceptance is the last stage of grief. Acceptance means embracing the present – both good and bad – in order to shape the future. It does not mean that we no longer can think about the loved one.

Falling in Love with……

Fall in love with more than your feelings, emotions and desires. Fall in love with my whole entire essence .

When you fall in love with someone, Fall in love with their soul….Because one day the chemistry will ware. And one day the eternal beauty will fade. But the soul is ageless eternal. Its the real authentic you, devoid of ego and it’s where love lives.