Protect Your Energy (Aura)

Humans emit an energetic vibration. Lower vibrations carry negative and heavy emotions, and higher vibrations carry positive and lighter emotions.

The human energetic field expands several feet around your body. This energy is passed onto everyone who steps into your energetic field. when you hang out with low vibrating people you are more likely to feel down; but when you hang out with high vibrating people you are more likely to feel good.

Examples of Low Vibrations: dishonesty, complaining, blaming, judging, excuses, anger, resentment, jealousy, shame, guilt, regret, depression, fear, worrying, lazy, addiction, attachments, conflict, drama, yelling, abuse, threats, violence, crime, neglect, etc.

Examples of High Vibrations: love, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness, acceptance, friendly, kind, generosity, good morals, productive, active, humorous, honesty, authenticity, truthful, passion, purpose, meaning, present, empathy, open, lively, etc.

Protecting your energy is crucial to your mental and physical health because it is the ultimate determinant of your overall happiness. We give a lot of ourselves away every day, at work, to our friends, our loved ones. We need to recognize that our needs are just as important as everyone else’s. Protect your energy.

When someone gets very angry with you, what you can do to protect your own energy in such situations is to stay calm and remain detached. Then you will not be energetically affected by their anger.

Choose a High Vibration: Set daily intentions to stay positive, meditate on peace, visualize yourself and your home surrounded by light, choose to feel and think about good things, and do activities that feel good to you naturally.


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