Twin Flame Separation and Reconnection

Twin Flame separation stage is a very different thing to a normal relationship separation . Like, night and day different. … The same intense burning love that makes a Twin Flame relationship so intense is the same thing that makes any sort of spit or separation so unbearable.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t understand why he/she is attracted towards you so intensely. But it comes with fear, he/she is afraid to loose yourself to you. He/She neglects all the benefits of this true relation and focuses on the things He/She will lose……..

Separation becomes a must in this case, whenever he/she is ready to Reconnect, you should forgive them. It’s important that neither Twin should not ever blame each other for separation. You have waited long enough, and now when you reconnect with each other, try not to get angry, it will help your reconnection.

When the twin flame breaks up, both twins fall into depression. The feeling that follows after separation the twin flame souls never leaves them. They know that they have lost something of the most valuable and most precious in life. 

You or Your Twin Flame May not be ready to start a relationship just yet. If you are connecting with your Twin Flame in any form of friendship, you should accept it. Don’t impose your love on him/her this will give him/her time to know you and his/her soul will turn this friendship to love, without even knowing it.

If your Twin Flame is Incarnated on Earth at the same time with you, then he/she will come back to you no matter how far he/she runs. The attraction between the Souls will drag him/ her back to you. You must remain Emotionally Strong so when he/she returns it won’t be so hard to reconnect. Take things slow do that Union won’t be so difficult and intense.

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I'm an innocent soul, with good intention, spreading and seeking knowledge. Thanks to all for the love and support.

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