I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am…… For a very long time, I worried about what others thinks of me…….

  1. How I dressed
  2. How I brush my hair
  3. The clothes that I wear
  4. The car that I drive
  5. How much money I have

It seems to me that the more I worry about what others think, the more they worry. Anyone can have an opinion, but living up to your own expectations and not worry about the thoughts of others, can open you up to who you really are! I am aware of who I am, and no judgement or any thoughts of me Can’t break Who I Am!

  1. I Am a Mother
  2. I Am a Daughter
  3. I Am a Sister
  4. I Am a Aunt
  5. I Am a Niece
  6. I Am a child of God, Who’s loving, caring, honest and understanding,God has made me this way, I am awakened to the truth of self, myself , and my life’s journey.

Published by SocialButterfly79

I'm an innocent soul, with good intention, spreading and seeking knowledge. Thanks to all for the love and support.

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