Our Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a living being in the Universe that concentrates energy and life, while giving shelter to all without asking anything in return…She is the past, present and the future.

Mother Earth sometimes known as Mother Earth or Earth Mother, it is Greco Roman personification of nature that focuses the life giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it in the form of mother.

Mother earth is crying; she says the land is polluted. Deforestation is at an alarming rate with hectares of forest being burned and cut each second. The trees hold the soil together and make it difficult for erosion to take place and are also a home for the vast majority of plants and wildlife. Agriculture is a means to feed mankind not to be used as an instrument of deforestation or for the application of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, pesticides and insecticides. Industries households and individuals are busy releasing toxic and material waste onto the land thereby increasing the amounts of landfills and lither on the surface of the earth. Furthermore, miners are destroying the land in the form of removing topsoil, bringing waste earth and rocks to the surface and underground coal fires which are emitting toxic gases.

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I'm an innocent soul, with good intention, spreading and seeking knowledge. Thanks to all for the love and support.

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