Why Self-Love is the Best Love · You realize what you want versus what you need ·

You learn the power of self-acceptance and the feeling of being secure with your whole self.

When you practice self-love, you become more confident and accepting of yourself. The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others. When you start loving yourself, you become more attractive to yourself.

A soulful relationship denotes a soulmate bond reaching far deeper than the physical or emotional level. … This kind of relationship is marked by an intense connection between two people, one that may even be difficult to convey into words.

Cool colors such as blue, purple, and green provide a sense of calm and relaxation because they are a visual reminder of elements of nature like water, sky, and grass.

Surrounding yourself with the right colors can improve your mood, and sometimes relieve stress.

1) awakening to the constructed nature of society; (2) awakening to the conditioned nature of the mind; (3) awakening to the unseen universe (what might also be called the realm of the Divine); and (4) and awakening to the natural world.

We will know we belong to God, first, by our faith, love and hope (1 Thess. 1:1-4). …

A physical body is given to each of us by our loving Heavenly Father. … He created it as a tabernacle for our spirit to assist each of us in our quest to fulfill the full measure of our creation.